Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How's it going so far? - a summary of intent

Welcome, or welcome back

Meditation is a delicate matter. It’s a mystery not a puzzle. It’s not like a ball of tangled string where you find one end and follow it through logically until it’s unravelled. It’s a mystery, sometimes coming clearly into focus and then, just when you got it all figured, sometimes moving into uncertainty for no apparent reason.

Meditation is at heart very simple, but quite complicated; and complicated but quite simple. There’s the mystery right there. Our wisdom lies a little deeper inside but it is there, it just needs tending, and quiet listening to be heard above the noise all around us. It requires great patience, not a quality easily found on the web, no matter how good the advice may be.

These posts are in the old fashioned way - longer, with a discursive line of thought running through them, and maybe sometimes a little cryptic or esoteric. Sometimes the connections are straightforward and sometimes they may be not so obvious, more like chains of impressions, meant to catalyse rather than explain.

But either way, they are intended to assume the wisdom of the reader to recognise inherent truth if it’s there. It would be easier and it would probably attract more readers if it were dumbed down a bit, but it would be absolutely missing the point.

We are not impatient are we?
So with these posts if you do get impatient reading right through, at least skip to the later parts and the end, that’s where the interesting bits usually are. The earlier parts often set up the point that is being made later on.

It may not be you or the post that causes impatience but rather the environment of the moment. I know from experience that reading a webpage or a blog on a computer or smartphone, when something much more interesting is only a click away, is a quite different experience from reading the actual printed word in a quiet moment.

Truth is that much of what goes into these posts has its genesis during meditation. And often later having written the piece I’m thinking, Oh you can’t say that, no-one will have the patience or care. But then I think, it happened, it’s accurate, pass it on. Trust the notion I say. Oh, and accept uncertainty.

So if you find something you think could be interesting, that could bear further investigation and even be worth a little effort, then print it out - or just keep it somewhere - and wait for the right moment when the mind is reflective and receptive. It’s a quite different experience because it can stimulate something which usually remains dormant most of the time, particularly in the mind-set of web browsing. To read and think about meditation it helps to find your way into your own meditation mind, internalise it there and be in harmony with that.

Read it later: cut, paste, print
And how to print it out? Don’t go looking for the print button, just copy and save the whole thing and paste it to a separate program (Word, Pages etc) and print from there as you normally would. And then also you may come across it after some time for a second read and that could strike you quite differently. Experience confirms you don’t jump into the same river twice.

As a suggestion, try going back to an earlier post, maybe one you remember resonated for you; or if new, have a browse and find something that looks likely, and before getting too far into it, print it out and save it for later. See if you can actually witness the experience of change between the mind in one state, web-browsing, and then calm, reflective, meditative. If not sure where to start try these

Is Thought an Illusion?

When the Past is too much in the Present

Releasing Samskaras - It gets Worse before it gets Better

If you're playing the long game any change in the mind that you notice is always interesting and productive to observe and adjust to. And too, by that subtle quality of self observation that’s exactly how meditation itself keeps evolving.

Meditation experience is counterintuitive to just about everything we consider 'normal' - and it should be to be effective. Everyone has a kind of right at least to hear about it in this way, then make their own mind up about it. That’s what this blog is about.

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