Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Waves and the Ocean

The Waves are all the activities of life from the tiniest passing thought to catastrophic events. The shit that happens
The Ocean is the Big Picture, what we see in part, in glimpses, or not at all - can't be described, can't be taught. What we don't yet understand. 

There is the ocean. And there are waves on the ocean. If you see only the waves they are as we usually see the events of life. There is randomness and coincidence and an apparent capriciousness in how things happen. We may think about it and take it personally. There are times and places, some to be sought out and some avoided. We dodge and weave to avoid impact and seek out sheltered places. And possibly end up blaming some higher authority for an all-too-human carelessness and capricious nature.

But if you also include the ocean where the waves play on the surface, the waves themselves would look exactly the same but their impact and influence would be perceived differently. The waves do have their significance, but they are limited in perception to place and time. They come, they happen, they go. Storms and calm are a part of the weather cycle to be dealt with, or not; accepted, or not.