Meditation courses in 2017

Conducted by Swami Anandakumar
Below are the dates and contacts for the courses still to come this year

In New Zealand and Australia

Hamilton North Island, New Zealand 5 day program 16 - 21 February
Contacts Kailash and Chintamani

Anahata Yoga Retreat, S Island, NZ 6 day program  6 - 12 March

Rocklyn Yoga Ashram VIC, Australia 9 day program  31 March - 9 April

Alice Springs NT, Australia 5 day program  21 - 26 April 
Contact  Shoonya Chaitanya

These courses will be of interest to those of you who want to connect more directly with inner life. There are no shortcuts on this path: you have to experience what you do. But you can move more directly by identifying what is the actual purpose and taking aim at the goal itself: Self Knowledge, through the medium of meditation.

This is done in an appropriate environment of quiet and stillness, with a group of like-minded people with the same intention. Then a transition takes place to set up the right inner environment. Then everything is set for focusing intently and patiently on a kind of inner inquiry over several days into who you really are. 

The truth is though it don’t come easy to see ourselves accurately. Along the way you meet some interesting notions of who you have taken yourself to be, before the stream of consciousness can flow freely. And too there will be moments of transcendence when everything appears crystal clear, and you know for certain you are moving in the right direction.

But all experience passes, while awareness remains constant, so a steady self observation, done in just the right way, is a sure way to reveal the truth where it lies, either hidden or out in the open. 

So if you’re up for it, then think about it, listen to your inner voice and take it from there. And if not this time, maybe another. You see, sooner or later there are things we just have to face in this life. So why not do it consciously, knowingly, with full awareness? And once you get into this, you can practice it, anywhere anytime.

Putting on a Power of Awareness course

If you think one day you might consider arranging a course like one of these, please contact me, Swami Anandakumar

To be effective the courses need to be:

  • Fully residential. There are exceptions to this that could be considered, but it’s necessary to get away from the home turf, so start with this in mind as the ideal.
  • Duration of 5 or 9 days is the norm. Long weekends of 3 days or even weekends can be considered first time. But in the end, time is necessary to effect the transition.
  • In silence or near silence throughout the course

Teacher’s fee: Deduct all expenses, including travel, from gross income. Make a donation, called dakshina, from net income. Dakshina is the principle of supporting the teaching in a material way to help it continue and go on to help others. Paying it forward is the expression these days.

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